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Seminar in solar physics: Dr. Ding Yuan (University of Central Lancashire, Preston)

Dr. Ding Yuan from University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK

Time: 2016-10-20 10:00am

Place:208 south building
Title:Abnormal Oscillations associated with inhomogeneities in sunspots
Abstract:In this talk, I will presents sunspot oscillations and its applications in diagnosing the magnetic and thermal structure of a sunspot. In case of a sunspot with inhomogeneities, such as light bridges and stratification, the sunspot oscillations are modified significantly. The inhomogeneities have fine structures in contrast to axial-symmetric sunspots, therefore, their existence in a sunspot will affect the dynamic activities and could be used as a tool for exploring the fine structure of a sunspot.  In the long term, the inhomogeneities plays an significant role in the evolution and morphology of a sunspot, which is a main determinant of explosive events in space weather.

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