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PhD Studentships, post-doctoral and research scientist positions available at the Institute of Space Sciences, Shandong University, China

2019-01-31  Click:[]

We cordially invite applications for PhD studentships, postdoctoral and research scientist positions at the Institute of Space Sciences (ISS), Shandong University. We expect to offer ~3 fully-funded PhD studentships, ~4 postdoctoral positions, and ~2 (visiting) research scientist positions.

The applicants are expected to work with

1) Prof. Yao Chen (yaochen@sdu.edu.cn) on physical mechanisms of particle acceleration and radio bursts during solar eruption, and synthesis techniques in radio interferometric imagery.

2) Prof. Quanqi Shi (sqq@sdu.edu.cn) on magnetospheric physics and solar wind–magnetosphere interaction. Of primary interests are the solar wind mass and energy transport into the magnetosphere and related processes.

3) Prof. Qinghe Zhang (zhangqinghe@sdu.edu.cn) on the physics ofdynamical processesin themagnetosphere-ionosphere couplingand the ionosphereas well as their responses to space-weather events.

4) Prof. Lidong Xia (XLD@sdu.edu.cn) on multi-wavelength observational studies of small-scale dynamic events in the solar atmosphere relating to the coronal heating and the source region of the solar wind, and the development of coronagraph technology.

5) Prof. Bo Li (bbl@sdu.edu.cn) on collective waves in magnetized structures on the Sun. The applicants are expected to have experience in analytical or numerical studies in the broad field of coronal seismology (or solar magneto-seismology).

6) Prof. Prof. Zongcheng Ling (zcling@sdu.edu.cn) on spectral, geochemical, mineralogical properties of planetary materials, planetary igneous and alteration processes, lunar and martian meteorites.

For detailed information on our overseas PhD program, please visit http://iss.wh.sdu.edu.cn/ or directly contact the supervisor you plan to work with. The postdoctoral posts are available for a fixed term of 1 year with a possible extension of up to 3 years, depending on research performance and funding availability. The annual salary will be 30,000 to 35,000 US dollars, commensurate with qualification and experience.

Research scientist appointments are for 3 years, with possible extension, depending on research performance and funding availability. The annual salary is from 35,000 to 50,000 US dollars depending on qualification and experience. The post-holders should pursue independent research in close collaboration with the ISS faculty members.

The applicants of the postdoctoral and research scientist positions are expected to have demonstrated expertise in carrying out original research in solar and space physics, space weather sciences, and planetary science.

ISS is located in the scenic coastal city of Weihai, which with its considerably low living cost and wonderful beaches is regarded as one of the nation’s most desirable cities. ISS can help arrange a temporary or long-term accommodation, which is fully-furnished and in easy reach of shopping plazas, restaurants, the university campus, and the beautiful Weihai International Beach. Rent and utilities shall be paid by the post-holders.

Applications will be considered from 1 December 2017 onwards. Candidates should submit electronically a CV, a cover letter describing their research experience and interests, as well as names and contact details of two potential referees, to one of the above prospective collaborators (please also copy to yaochen.sdu@gmail.com). Please visit the webpage (http://iss.wh.sdu.edu.cn) for more information.