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Invited seminar talk by Prof. Valery Nakariakov from University of Warwick, UK

2019-01-31  Click:[]

Time: 13 July 2018(Friday), 15:00

Location:Room 211, Wentian Building

Title:Recent Advances in Magnetohydrodynamic Seismology of the Solar Corona

Abstract:Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) seismology is a powerful technique for the diagnostics of the solar atmospheric plasma by MHD waves. The waves are confidently detected with the new generation of space-borne and ground-based observational facilities in various observational bands, from radio to X-ray, and are interpreted in terms of the MHD theory. The waves are usually of a local character, supported by various non-uniformities of the plasma. Recent advances include the identification of the wave excitation mechanisms, demonstration of the non-linear nature of their damping, and revealing of the seismological potential of omnipresent decay-less oscillations. In addition, modern high-resolution radio observations allow for the detection and identification of short-period MHD waves in the radio band.


Professor Valery M Nakariakov is Professor of Physics at the University of Warwick, UK. He graduated from the School of RadioPhysics of the Gorky State University, USSR, in 1989; and gained a PhD in Plasma Physics at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1993. His main research interests include MHD waves, physics of the solar corona, solar and stellar flares, and solar radiophysics. In 2015 he was granted the Payne-Gaposchkin Medal and Prize for "his leadership and major contribution to the discovery of magnetohydrodynamic wave activity of the solar corona, which led to transformative changes in our understanding of the solar atmosphere, and to the creation and successful implementation of a new branch of solar physics, MHD coronal seismology”. In 2011-14 Valery was President of the European Solar Physics Division.