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4DSpace in the future

2019-01-31  Click:[]

Title: 4DSpace in the future

Reporter: Prof. Jøran Moen

Prof. Jøran Moen is the hand of the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo. He got his PhD in space physics from University of Oslo in 1994 and was then employed as associate professor by the University Centre in Svalbard, where he became a full professor in 1999. In year 2000 he was employed as Professor at the University of Oslo. He then developed a vigorous space technology and research activity, where he is in charge of the sounding rocket program.

Time:25 Oct 2016, 19:00-21:00

Location: Room 104, Wentian Building

Abstract:This talk presents prioritized space research at the University of Oslo, Norway. The 4DSpace strategic research initiative was kicked off three year ago. The vision for this initiative is to understand the role of plasma turbulence in coupled space plasma systems. Plasma turbulence is one of the last questions in classical physics yet to be described and understood. This requires a multi-scale approach where we have to develop new experimental tools. UiO has developed a sounding rocket program to take advantage of combining ground-based remote and in-situ measurements of auroral processes. Recent results will be presented along with further plans to develop the next generation experiments to observe turbulence in the polar cap ionosphere. This is fundamental research that is motivated by applications. International collaboration, miniaturization and smart technology, and combining skills, such as engineering, computational, and theoretical are keys to success.