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Investigating Confined Solar Flares 2019/01/31 
An empirical L-band scintillation model for a mid-latitude station, Weihai, China during the low ... 2019/01/31 
Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances as Huge Natural Lenses: Solar Radio Emission Focusing Effect 2019/01/31 
Double Coronal X-ray and Microwave Sources Associated With A Magnetic Breakout Solar Eruption 2019/01/31 
Reconnection on the Sun (AAS-NOVA Features) 2019/01/31 

Explosive events in active region observed by IRIS and SST/CRISP 2019/01/31 
An Eruptive Hot-Channel Structure Observed at Metric Wavelength as a Moving Type-IV Solar Radio B... 2019/01/31 
Narrow-line-width UV bursts in the transition region above Sunspots observed by IRIS 2019/01/31 
Decameter Stationary Type IV Burst in Imaging Observations on the 6th of September 2014 2019/01/31 
Microwave Imaging of a Hot Flux Rope Structure During the Pre-impulsive Stage of an Eruptive M7.7... 2019/01/31 
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