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The research team “Sunburst and its impact on Planetary space environment” is selected as the first level Innovation Team (among Science, technology and medicine discipline)of the Shandong University Climbing Plan

2019-02-01  Click:[]

According to the spirit of the relevant documents such as the “the Construction of the Shandong University Climbing Plan Innovation Team (Science ,Technology and medical)” (Shan Da Zi [2017] No. 47), initial 12 teams are selected to fund fromJanuary 2019 to December 2023 after the team declaration, qualification review, defense review, planning and argumentation, leading group approval, project announcement, etc. The research team led by Prof. Chen Yao, “Sunburstand Its Impact on Planetary Space Environment” is selected as one of the 12 first level Innovation Team.

The research team “Sunburst and Its Impact on Planetary Space Environment” will focus on the two major scientific issues of solar burst and its impact on the Earth and planet space environment, the mechanism of action and consequences of solar wind and planet surface. In order to solve major scientific issues, as well as to satisfy the needs of the national space environmental security and deep space exploration strategy through the interdisciplinary integration of space science, astronomy, planetary science, electronic information and engineering technology, the team aims to (1)form a complementary team of scientific research and technology;(2) breakthrough the resource status of the research data, which mainly comes from foreign countries; (3)develops internationally leading space exploration and experimental systems with independent intellectual property rights to promote the production of major scientific research results. At the same time, the team will rely on the development of cross-disciplinary research teams and laboratory platforms to explore and renovate the existing talent training model under the framework of “new science and technology” where technology integration and science &technology are crossed.

Shandong University Climbing Plan Innovation Team aims to (1) strengthen the connotation development, (2) solve the key problems of top-notch talent training, (3)breakthrough the bottleneck of the top talents and high-end scientific research platforms in our school, (4) cultivate a large number of strategic and technological talents and leading talents with international level, Young talents and high-level innovation teams, (5) cultivate a number of high-end scientific research platforms that are oriented to the forefront of science and the major needs of the country. Aiming at the frontiers of international science and national strategic needs, combined with the development plan of our university, we will select 10 or more teams step by step, through five years of key construction, to form a group of innovative teams with distinctive characteristics and outstanding strength, who has the ability to reach the international leading level and become the source of the school's major achievements, leading talents and high-end platforms, promoting the leap-forward development of relevant disciplines and supporting the construction of world-class universities