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Shandong University and the University of Porto held online International Symposium on Satellite ... 2021/10/20 
Dr. Adria from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC),Spain, visited the Center for Satel... 2019/10/17 
The 4th Earth and Planetary Science Youth Forum and the 2019 Mars Science Summer School 2019/07/18 
New process related to neutron stars is achieved in the interdisciplinary research center of nucl... 2019/07/17 
Professor Quanqi Shi's research group has made new progress in spatial data analysis 2019/06/13 

Guo Mingzhe, a PhD student of our institute, wins the poster award for the Outstanding Student of... 2019/05/14 
A student who is stationed in the Antarctic for the motherland----Yao Shutao, a doctoral student ... 2019/04/18 
Professor Shi Quanqi is awarded the "Newton Advanced Fellowship" Foundation of the Royal Society ... 2019/04/07 
The research team “Sunburst and its impact on Planetary space environment” is selected as the f... 2019/02/01 
Simulation of Focusing Effect of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances on Meter-Decameter Solar Dyna... 2019/01/31 

Excellent Student Award at Admission 2019/01/31 
Dr. Shishir Priyadarshi received the 2017 URSI Young Scientist Award 2019/01/31 
Our research highlighted by CESRA 2019/01/31 
Prof. Quanqi Shi received the 2017 AGU-SPA Basu early career award 2019/01/31 
Excellent Research Award for Graduate Students 2019/01/31 
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